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Everybody should have the right to achieve an active work life and contribute to the society. We need sustainable business models to achieve new goals.

build back better business

A joined call for building businessworthy action for the Global South

With significant capital outflows, export barriers rising, and unemployment increasing, COVID-19 is widening the social and economic gap in the Global South.

Business For Peace Honores


Oslo Business for Peace honorees’ are chosen for standing out as an example to the general public and for ”being an inspiration to the business community, by showing how to achieve success in business through ethically aware business practice”.   In 2013 I was given this high recognition, where the Committee of former Nobel Award laureates did choose me as a Dane as one of just five business people from all over the world, who stands as international examples of how to combine social responsibility and good business.
Connie Hasemann is Oslo Business for Peace honoree
Portrait of Connie Hasemann

My business and personal background

I have a business background within the IT business before establishing a social firm and over years developing a business model that on a daily basis demonstrates comprehensive rehabilitation of disabled people, where the outcome is employment. 

my contribution

I am more than ever convinced that all people have the right to achieve an active work life “Leaving no one behind”! Furthermore, I am looking forward to support social enterprises in making an even more profound impact and at the same time continue my work as part of professional networks and activities within sustainable business set ups in Denmark and abroad.


We are the ones, we have been waiting for

The impact of running a social enterprise is social sustainability! When the customers get high-quality service or a product at a competitive price that enables the social firm to fulfil their social mission to run a sustainable business. Together we can create social value for a wide range of persons facing difficulties getting access to the job market. I am looking forward to new projects, new thinking and new results, as we – if we want to make a change – have to keep in mind -“we are the ones, we have been waiting for”.

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